What is Attainable?

Being a homeowner provides a number of benefits that not only enhance quality of life, but also improves financial stability. Tri-Canadian Energy believes in homeownership opportunities and is therefore dedicating approximately 110 acres to an environmental and economical housing initiative, called Rosseau Acres.

Here, you are able to purchase land below the current market value and build your dream home for your family. This initiative addresses the county’s housing needs, attracting families and professionals who wish to settle in the county and grow their families in a historical and culturally rich community.

What is Sustainable?

What does this mean exactly? It means all homes in the community will be connected and powered by solar energy. Day to day household appliances that we all use, from toasters, washing machines, curling irons, to electricity and heat will optimize energy use by being connected to a solar panel field dedicated to Rosseau Acres residents. We call this Solar Direct™. In other words, energy used directly from the sun.

With top-of-the-line technology and a Remote Net Metering system in place, this renewable energy source will provide lots of sunlight, allowing the homeowner to potentially save as much as 70% on their electricity bills. Now that’s savings! And that’s attainable and sustainable!

If you are looking to be independent of power companies and see the financial benefits of living a solar life while attainably living in the dream home you built, then Rosseau Acres is the home for you.