Focus on "local"

Prince Edward County is, and will always be, a friendly and rural community characterized by its people. County residents are here to live and be immersed in the opportunities this region provides. They come from all walks of life. They see a natural wonder and a way of life that’s authentic, rewarding and unpretentious; a growing hub of creativity and innovation and a great place in which to work and do business.

Population Growth

The population in Prince Edward County has traditionally experienced slow, steady growth in all ranges. The full-time population is expected to increase to 34,755 by 2032, 39,850 by 2052, and 43,560 by 2062. It's expected that housing growth will shift from the rural area to more urban areas. This growth will be predominantly felt in Wellington and Picton as these communities are expected to account for 51% and 23% respectively in projected new housing growth.

Local History

Geological phenomenon like the Sandbanks and Lake-on-the-Mountain and nearly 800 kilometres of shoreline provide spectacular backdrops for tales of the Huron and the Iroquois, the bold adventures of explorer Samuel de Champlain, the relocation of Loyalist refugees following the American Revolution, the growth of a local economy based on maritime and agricultural riches, and the daring feats of rum-runners during the Prohibition years.

Tourism Destination

As the only Canadian destination on Travel & Leisure Magazine’s list of top 50 places to visit in the world, tourism is both central to the economy and representative as the area with greatest growth potential. The County attracts considerable tourism traffic during the summer due to Sandbanks Provincial Park and the burgeoning wine and craft-brewing industries. This adds a level of vibrancy and activity unique in Eastern Ontario.